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Sharron May, LifeStylist

"It takes 30 seconds to make a first impression. What's yours?"

Becoming You

At Beyond Salon our intent is to co-design a first impression 

that reveals your authentic beauty, an inquiry that begins with "Who Are You Becoming?"  Together we will co-create an image congruent with that, your hair texture, face shape, body contour and lifestyle.


We use Vidal Sassoon technique, where the architecture of the haircut IS the style. This means we'll be investing extra time and attention to the details that set your look (and our work) apart.  

We use Aveda haircare, skincare, cosmetics and 97% naturally derived color because we believe that high performance doesn't have to come at the expense of your health, our health or the health of our watershed.  With Aveda, you are contributing to the wellbeing of the planet while contributing to your own wellbeing. 


Our menu of services,  products,  practices  and events are designed to support a holistic, contemplative lifestyle. You can meditate during your appointment ("The Silent Treatment"), shop for local artisan food and farmaceuticals, learn a method to manage  excess muscle tension (Miracle Ball Method) or enjoy a meditative walk - 

all from the convenience of our studio and farmstead 

along the Betsie River Trail.  

Self Care: Body/Mind/Soul/Spirit


Image Design


Chair Massage

The Miracle Ball Method

Spiritual Direction

Artisan Food & Farmaceuticals


Local Farms & Foods 

Holistic Practitioners

Yoga & Bodywork

Restorative/Contemplative Retreats


Cosmetology, Esthetics, Aromalogy*, The Miracle Ball Method, Permaculture Design Course

*  Aromaology is a registered trademark (®) of Aveda and means "The art and science of blending freshly distilled pure flower and plant essences and the physiological and psychological impact of natural aromas." 


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